House Fire – Eureka Utah – 11/25/2010

Fallen Draper

Fallen Draper

Location: Dublin Avenue in Eureka, Utah 84628

Waking to early morning pager alarms sounding loudly on a Thanksgiving weekend, lead Eureka Utah’s Fire Fighting’s Finest to a fully ingulfed house at 8:00 am.

Upon arrival to the house, which in a town capacity of about 800 people everywhere could easily see the smoke and flames emerging from the house, there was the owner asking the Firemen to save anything they possibly could.

As the firemen quickly and safely made a plan they realized that it was just simply the cieling on fire, so they condensed a recue plan on top of the overall Put the fire out Plan”.

Men were put on hoses and trucks to spray the roof while several others forged teams and quickly retrieved the owners items, like a gun safe, tools, and any small items not to badly damaged by smoke and heat. Then in the heat of the moment the roof started sinking so each man got their team out of the house. Soon after getting out the firemen could see the house cave in slowly over a period of an hour and the house was no more. The flames grew higher and higher with every second and the smoke was in plumes as big as the small town itself. The owner was just lucky to be alive he had said and now was even more greatful that the firemen helped save some of his things.

After several hours of grueling but rewarding work putting the enormous fire to rest, the firemen went into a clean-up mode. Cutting holes to unexposed fires and salvaging whatever else they could for the kind owner. I, an Ambulance EMT-Basic with a camera in hand took pictures during this devistating event.

This one photo that I present to you was taken during the clean up scenes in the house, and without known a story to go with it, this photo can hold so many emotions alone. This is Kyle Draper a Fire Fighter for Eureka Fire Department in Eureka, Utah and he is standing in the center of the house looking down upon the disaster of which was just ablaze.

Gazing upon the dismay of the ruins, was heartbreaking for everyone including a fireman. But also for a fireman this is a duty and life calling that this fireman breathes everyday. This picture could be anything though, without known a description of what occured in the scene, it could be a child or pet this fireman is looking down upon.

This photo brings history to Eureka and even though this house was unfortunetly unable to be saved, the owner now looks at life anew and was so thankful to the Firemen of this town as we all are.

Photostory by: Amanda Bigler

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