Great Brookhaven Town Cleanup – SCRC – 4/21/12

Photos By: ke2yk


A Thank You From The President Of The Suffolk County Radio Club:

We’d like to thank Everybody who helped the Suffolk County Radio Club who “worked” the Communications for the Great Brookhaven Town Clean Up yesterday. Net Control was done by Art [ W2ALW ] and Gary [ N2TBC ] who assisted with logging and Net Control. Tony [ KC2VZG ] who has helped our club so much was our Liason and Tim ¬†[AC2GD ] and I worked closely with Tony to try to make things more seamless this year than in the past two years.

We had a great turn out, with many of us meeting (too early, Tim had his wires crossed) at the Mc Donalds in East Patchogue. We had two separate locations on the Net with Joe, [ W2OFD ] and his group doing a portion of Brookhaven Hamlet and the rest of our “team” covering East Patchogue and Bellport. On our main location were the following Stations ; Gary [ KE2YK ] who was also doing 40M CW mobile, Dom, [ W2DOM ] John ,[ KB2SCS ] {a Member from Islip}, Joe [ N2QPD ] {our Repeater Guru },Bob ,[ AB2WW ] our SCRC Secretary, Bob, [ KC2LRP ] {who was ready},Vince , [ KC2WPP ], Andy, [KC2ZWR ] ,Bill, [ KC2RBU ] ,Bruce [ KD4EXN ] {along with Margit } and Brian [ K2EVD ] {who left the Harley home} .

We had “Kodak Moments “with ¬†Brookhaven Town Supervisor Lesko and “CURBY The Recycle Can”, right before we had our Net Check In . A large portion of debris was collected, empty lots were cleaned. That being said , it was good to see see people who live in the area doing what they could to clean their own neighborhood up and it was good to assist them. Maybe the entire area will benefit from our continuing efforts. Thank You again, Suffolk County Radio Club Members!

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